Information for visitors


The wood sculpture symposium takes place on the Quai (the lakeside promenade in Brienz), right on the picturesque, mystical, turquoise Lake Brienz.


Catering and the evening entertainment will take place on "Cholplatz". The wood sculptors work nearby at the Quai in the direction of the boat station.

Our Symposium is located near the train station of Brienz (approx. 200 meters) and the boat station and easy to reach for those traveling by car.


There are some parking spots nearby (parking deck Brienz Rothorn Bahn, train and boat station Brienz, Brienz cinema theater, "Bären" / "Fischerbrunnen" and "Rössliplatz") are only a short walk away from the main spot on the "Cholplatz"...


Situationsplan Internationales Holzbildhauerei Symposium Brienz
Situationsplan Internationales Holzbildhauerei Symposium Brienz

The wood sculptors arrive in Brienz on Tuesday at noon. After organizational information, the logs are distributed and the workstations are set up.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, the artists work mostly with rough equipment to shape the logs. From Wednesday on, whenever possible, the work should be done with hammer and chisel...


One visit isn't enought

Visit the symposium and watch the artists at work. An entertainment program as well as catering facilities invite you to linger on the shores of Lake Brienz.

If you want to follow the artistic work from start to finish, it is best to stay overnight in Brienz and visit the symposium every day.


Find your accommodation to stay and fall in love with our beautiful village situated at the beautiful lake of Brienz at


Short facts

  • Arrival of the wood carvers on Tuesday noon / rough work
  • Wednesday to Friday works of art are created from the trunks
  • Finishing work and the «finissage» take place on Saturday
  • Folklore evening by Brienz Tourism on Tuesday
  • Daily free evening entertainment / Catering

Good to know

  • Don't forget your swimming trunks, Lake Brienz cools you down wonderfully on warm days
  • The wood sculptors will be happy to answer questions when they are not working with chainsaws
  • The sculptures will be available for purchase after the symposium
  • The «Quai» is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs