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Date to note: July 5 to 9 2022

The next International Wood Sculptors Symposium in Brienz will take place from Tuesday, July 5 to Saturday, July 9, 2022.


Woodcarvers 2022

We had about 70 inquiries and received almost 50 applications for the 2022 symposium.

The organizing committee met at the end of March, intensively discussed and selected all applications. We decided on 26 participants from 13 countries, including 5 students from the School of Wood Sculpture, Brienz. These participants were contacted and have all reconfirmed their participation.

We also have a sculptor couple from Ukraine and a sculptor from Russia who have applied, and we have invited both parties. The hope is small that the terrible situation between the two countries will be calmed down by then, but we want to try...

Teilnehmende Holzbildhauer*innen Symposium 2021

Pictures Symposium 2021

Woodcarvers 2021

Woodcarvers 2021
Woodcarvers 2021

From 6 to 10 July 2021 – smaller but still nice




Our team had a long meeting yesterday evening, where we exchanged ideas regarding the Symposium 2021. After considering the current situation and due to the still prevailing planning uncertainty, we have decided to adjust the implementation of the Symposium 2021.


The event will take place without the supporting program with music and a large catering and beverage part. Without that part, which served for income and thus also for a part of the financing of participants, has among other things the consequence that we carry out the symposium this year exclusively with sculptors from Switzerland. Together with some students from the School of Woodcarving in Brienz, we will hold a "Swiss" edition with probably 12 sculptors.


The Swiss participants were informed today and asked whether they would participate under these conditions.


Out of 20 sculptors who could not participate in 2020, we had 18 confirmations. Among them are participants from Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia and Japan. Since it is impossible to estimate to what extent the borders will be opened at the beginning of July and what quarantine restrictions will apply to foreigners, we decided to cancel all foreign sculptors for 2021.


Brienz, 1.5.2021

Association KUNA / Woodcarving Symposium Brienz

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