International woodcarving Symposium 2020 canceled

Brienz, 14.5.2020


Under the current circumstances the association KUNA, organizer of the International Wood Sculpture Symposium Brienz cannot be held responsible for the realization.


Due to the corona pandemic and the corresponding conditions, we are refraining from holding the symposium from end of June to beginning of July 2020. Our symposium lives from the "spirit", from working together and from the exchange between the artists and the guests. The evening celebrations and to end the day with food and drink and a free supporting programme is a huge part of our event. The conditions and hygienic measures in the catering area, the "keep your distance" rules and any restrictions on the number of visitors have led us to cancel the Symposium 2020.


Markus Flück, president of the OC and head of the School of Wood Sculpture Brienz, had several meetings in the past weeks to get an insight into the requirements and specifications regarding the protection concept in vocational schools and the workplace in the School of Wood Sculpture. "The effort that has to be made to continue the training workshop in a reduced form is extremely high. The symposium will take place outside on the Cholplatz and the “Quai”, in public space. A cordoning off, an access control and "fenced-in" sculptors, that’s not what we want.


Since 2012 we organize the symposium as it is right now, and we can justifiably claim to organise one highlight of our region every year. The event with artists from different countries, a free musical programme and catering on the shores of Lake Brienz is popular with locals and guests alike.


We cannot imagine a Symposium light. It would no longer be our symposium!


We are looking forward to the next symposium, probably from 6 to 10 July 2021


Association KUNA

Internationals Holzbildhauer Symposium Brienz

"Cholplatz" on the shores of Lake Brienz where normally sculptors work and our Symposium takes place.

A performance of the KUNA team in 2015 could have become reality in 2020...